Five Lakes - Small Batch Coffee Roasters

New Name

What’s the new name?

Five Lakes Coffee

Same ownership?

Yes! Paul and Jared aren’t going anywhere :) 

Why are you changing your name?

Turns out, there’s another 3 variations of Great Lakes Coffee Company’s located in Michigan of which we’re aware. The Great Lakes portion of our name is a region of North America and we are unable to trademark it allowing it to be used by whomever. We’ve also been unable to have a website with Great Lakes in the web address creating confusion and difficulty for our customers to find us online. Currently is owned by a chemical company! 

As we continue to expand, we knew we needed to address these issues and decided now is the perfect time. When our company started out in 2002, we carried mainly chocolate, it wasn’t until the beginning of  2004 that we purchased our first coffee roaster and started roasting our own coffee - the rest is history. Our name has served us well for over 16 years, however, as we continue to grow, we have found that we are better off with a simple, more focused name. Great Lakes Chocolate & Coffee Co is a mouthful, some have called us Great Lakes Chocolate, others referred to us as Great Lakes Coffee, few called us by our actual name. 

Now the confusion will be eliminated, you can call us Five Lakes or Five Lakes Coffee. 

How will the new name and branding benefit customers?

The brand of our company is not just the name or logo, its a total experience. We are working on improving the customer experience in all our coffee shops along with the digital experience. Whether you visit us to study, work, meet up with friends, relax, or just to fuel up before work, we hope that you find it to be an enjoyable break in your day. 

As we move forward, you will begin to see upgrades in some of our stores that reflect our new branding. Another benefit that comes with the name change is our commitment to serve higher quality beans. You will begin to see more fair trade, organic and rainforest alliance coffees. We recently moved to a new roasting facility which will allow us to work more efficiently.  Follow us on social media to see what’s new, it will be a busy and exciting year! 

You dropped “chocolate” from your name, does this mean you will no longer sell chocolates?

We will still carry packaged chocolates, we simply dropped chocolate from the name to better reflect our company. After all, most people know us for our freshly roasted coffee. 

How did you decide on the new logo?

It was a process that involved brainstorming, many sketches and revisions. When it came down to it, we decided it was important to keep the lighthouse and our original colors, both of which we spent the last 16 years building. 


How long will it take to complete the re-brand project? 

We have our work cut out for us! You will begin to see the new logo pop up on cups, signage, packaging, t-shirts, web and more, we expect it to take up to 6 months for the name change to be complete. 

What about my Great Lakes gift cards and drink cards? 

No worries, we will still honor any Great Lakes coupons, gift cards or drink cards indefinitely.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our re-brand project! If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to email us at or you can always get in touch through social media. 

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