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Black & Tan

Black & Tan

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Unique blend of Light & Dark roasts combining the complexity of a light and the intensity of a dark roast. 

Selected and roasted by our master roaster, this unique combination of dark and lightly roasted beans blended together gives our Black & Tan coffee all the intensity of a dark roast and sacrifices none of the complexity of flavor found in our light roasts. This, best of both worlds blend is perfect for those who enjoy both light and dark roast coffees.

Roast Level
Light and Dark

Growing Elevation
850m – 1300m

Tasting Notes

Low acidity with a medium body. Bold & rich, with bursts of sweetness throughout.

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Customer Reviews

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Laura G
Freshly roasted

Black and tan is by far my most favorite blend. What impressed me the most was that not only was my shipment prompt, but the coffee was shipped on the day it was roasted.