How Does Water Quality Impact Your Coffee?

How Does Water Quality Impact Your Coffee?

Have you ever considered the effect water quality (or lack thereof) can have on the coffee you brew?

The following are two key factors that will help you have the best possible cup of home  brewed coffee. 

  1. Water Quality: If you have freshly roasted coffee, water quality is the next most important factor affecting the taste of your brewed coffee. At Five Lakes we have always used our proprietary water filtering system. Our system mixes back in filtered hard water to get the perfect amount of minerals and the best P.H. level. At home I recommend either using a filtered spring water or at the minimum filtered tap water that has not been softened.

  2. Water Temperature: Another major factor you will run into with home brewing equipment is a lower than ideal water temperature. It is best if you can find a coffee brewer that allows setting the temperature to 200° F. A more affordable option is an electric water kettle that allows you to set the temperature and then use the pour over method. 

Hopefully understanding the importance of these two factors helps you craft the best cup of coffee possible at home. You can read the following article to learn more. More On Water Quality & Coffee

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