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Espresso Blend

Espresso Blend

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We roast our espresso blend less dark than most to give it a complexity of flavor and aroma greater than a full dark roast

More crema, more caffeine, more bite, and still not too strong to enjoy black, it's the foundation of our hand-crafted lattes and a pantry essential for anyone serious about brewing fine coffees at home.

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Well balanced, bold & rich with complex flavors ranging from earthy to sweet.

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Customer Reviews

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I've always have got this blend and decided to get the 5 lb bag this time and ordered for a drop machine like always. It didn't come ground as fine as it usually is and it is brewing almost clear. I texted out on the website and haven't heard anything from them. I usually don't do reviews like this but after spending $80 and no response I thought it was time to make this review. Got a 3 because usually the coffee is amazing and this use to be my favorite place to get coffee. Once my 5 lb bag is gone( yes I will be suffering through this since I spent so much on it and can't afford to just throw it out) I will be looking elsewhere for my coffee.

Harmony Harker

Espresso Blend

Jerin Fischer
The best espresso beans

These are consistently, the best espresso beans I found tried quite a few, and these are still the best
Highly recommend

Linda Craw

Espresso Blend

Kristine Wheaton

Espresso Blend