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Fair Trade Certified Peru

Fair Trade Certified Peru

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Fair Trade Certified & Organically Grown. Perfect for those looking for a high quality, ethically sourced and eco-friendly coffee experience. 

COOP VAMA was founded in 2008 when a group of coffee producers came together on the initiative of the Agroforestry Program, directed by the Special Project Jaén, San Ignacio, Bagua (PEJSIB). Currently 283 partners farm more than 660 hectares of coffee with organic, fair trade, and sustainable certification, producing over 10 thousand quintals of coffee each year.

Roast Level
Light or Dark

Growing Elevation
1600m – 1800m

Tasting Notes

Medium Acidity and Body, Black Cherry, Dried Fig, and Lemon Notes.

Grind Options
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  • Specialty Grade

    sourcing the highest

    grade bean possible

  • Shipped within 24 hours of roasting

    all orders roasted within

    24 hours of shipping

  • Roasted in Small Batches

    In Sturgis, Michigan