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Night Owl Roast

Night Owl Roast

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Our darkest coffee to keep you going throughout the night! Pushing the roasting level to the limits and taking the beans past the ‘second crack’, our Italian roasting style produces extra dark, oily beans.

This is our darkest roast available and it can easily be used to brew espresso in the Italian style.

Roast Level
Extra Dark

Tasting Notes

Intensely robust and smoky with a hint of dark chocolate.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sheryl McFarland
My favorite of all!!

Smooth dark roast!! Not bitter just perfect!!!

Randy Newsome
Night Owl Roast is Smoooth

I like to cut my dark roast coffee with heavy cream to create a bold but creamy smooth drink. A lot of dark roasts have a bitter - almost pungent - flavor. Night Owl Roast is different. It's not bitter at all which takes my bold smoothness to a whole new level.

Steve Boomer
Great coffee

My wife and I love Italian Roast. Great flavor and low acidity.

Timothy Holgerson
My favorite dark roast coffee at 5Lakes

Thank you for continuing to make it available!